Today my heart weeps…

Today my heart weeps. Two families have to make the gut wrenching decision to say good bye to two women at very different pathways in life. They never got to know each other yet lay just a room apart in the same ICU. Two souls who have been there for beautiful moments in my life. One for the celebration of my marriage. One for the joyous birth of my second daughter.
A beautiful 24 year old with so much more life to live. We can only hope that she knew how much love we had for her.
A caring wife, mother, grandmother, & great grandmother who at the age of 68, never let the sickness of her body hold her back.
Their journey that brought them here was drastically different but the outcome is the same. Two beautiful souls traveling to their eternal resting place together. I take comfort in the fact they are crossing over together. I regret that I did not know that as I said goodbye to one of them, watching a machine do the work of keeping her young body there with us to do so, the noise from the machine in the room next door was keeping the other one alive.  I do take comfort  as I walked through the hall I prayed for all the patients there at the hospital. The ones there for the happy times and the ones who were there for the sad. I prayed for the nurses who were there doing tasks I can never imagine. And I prayed for the families who shouldn’t have to deal with such heartache no matter what the age of their loved one is.
As a daughter I could not imagine watching my mother slip away from me. As a mother I can not fathom the heartbreak & pain.
So I ask you to pray. Pray for the doctors, the nurses, friends, families, and most of all the souls of these two beautiful ladies who are earning their wings.
I love you Alayna & Ruthie! I hope you both know that.

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