Family Game Night


Matt and I are always looking for fun family activities to do together. I stumbled upon this awesome game while watching one of my favorite youtube channels Ellie & Jared. Their son who is a few months younger then Molly LOVES this game and you can see how much he learned from it. We decided that since it is a game based on colors we would surprise her with it as a gift from a leprechaun yesterday on St. Patrick’s Day. She immediately knew what it was and couldn’t wait to play it!

unnamed-4Thinkfun Roll and Play Game is a plush color cube with 48 color coded playing cards. It encourages creativity, active play and gross motor skills. We purchased ours from Amazon. Here is a link if you want to check it out: THANKFUL ROLL AND PLAY GAME



We all really got into it. Even though the game is suggested 18months and over, Madeline was able to roll the cube and she had a blast.

Each color category is broken into a different kind of action. For example the BLUE cards are an “eye spy” type where you need to find something in the room that is the color on the card. This category is hands down Molly’s favorite! She could find the smallest thing with the color on it and it blew us away. She never seemed to go with the obvious choice either. For example she got the card asking for the color yellow. She came back with her Rapunzel doll exclaiming “She has YELLOW hair!”

I would think that kids up to the age of 5 would love this game. Or it would be great for families looking to get a way to have older siblings play with toddlers. Just wanted to share for other people looking for some hands on family fun.

Our family highly recommends this game!


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