Oh, so that’s why I blog!?!

Life is busy. Life is messy. Life seems to speed by us so fast we need to catch our breath to keep up. I seriously have so much that I want to do with this blog but it always has to take the backseat for my full time stay at home mom job. To be honest I get quite lazy with it because I’m to tired to be creative. And in the back of my mind I think. Who even reads this stuff anyway? How do I know that with all the amazing fun facts and stories out there someone is going to take the time to read a novices words?!?!

Just when I have given up on myself and my dream of being a successful blogger, like some of my new LTYM cast mates, I received a sign in the way of a Facebook messager. My blog actually made an impact on a strangers life and she was reaching out to me! I could not believe my eyes. She too has been struggling with early onset cervical cancer and had questions for me about my journey and my doctors. Tears immediately filled my eyes. Was I actually doing something with my life other then dirty diapers and toddler meltdowns? Could I help not only this beautify strong woman but others too? I stopped what I was doing and wrote her back right away. She thanked me for my help and said she would be in touch with more questions. Little did she know she helped me. I was about to give up on writing. I seriously did not expect over night success but I felt that putting so much time into a blog may be selfish of me. I should be spending that time working on the housework piling up or the other commitments that I got myself involved in. But seeing that I could help just one person out there through my words totally put things into perspective. I am blogging for ME and for other women out there that may be helped by my story. Or get a laugh at my “Stay At Home Mama Drama”!

So thank you for your message kind stranger. We may not know each other personally but you are in my prayers in your journey to wellness.