What’s the opposite of writers block?

Sorry I haven’t blogged in the past few days. So much stuff going on that my mind is just way to crowded to put it into words. Besides you need to be able to filter how much dirty laundry you want to put out there and make yourself vulnerable with… Right?

So I will sum up the week with this…The girls are full blown CRAZY!

Molly is in her temper tantrum stage of the terrible twos.

Maddy is teething and although she is smiling as much as her poor little heart will let her she is not her happy go lucky self at all.

Everything else is a cluster****! AHHHHHHHH!!!

I will close with this wonderful image that popped up on my Facebook newsfeed because it is very fitting.image1-2


Blown Tires & Bruised Butts

Daddy was off from work for a four day weekend. We decided to take the girls down to Peddler’s Village to play at Giggleberry Fair. It is a great indoor play area for the girls and they love it! Of course the favorite thing to do is the carousel. Madeline was in heaven since she graduated from sitting on Mommy’s lap in the sleigh to actually ridding on the animals as you can see..






Molly was tall enough that she could go into the big kids section with her dad and they both worked up a sweat and had a ton of fun! We spent 4 hours playing games and eating pizza. A perfect little family get away until the ride home…

12717327_10153907523444210_5762636145085843723_n.jpg                                           We blew a flat tire while driving down the road!

Thank god it happened where it did. We had a super safe place to pull over, there was plenty of daylight, and we have AAA. I told the operator that we had two sleeping babies in the car and they were there with in twenty minutes to put on our spare.

Our SPARE! That is another story. My husband decides to throw himself on the ground to see where our spare is actually located under the van and trips me. I fall back and bash my tailbone on the rocky side road and boy did I see stars! I don’t know if I bruised or seriously hurt my tailbone, all I know is that it HURTS! I can’t sit, I can’t sleep, everything HURTS!

So besides those two bumps in the road within an hour we already had a new tire put on the van & we are now safe to travel on our next family road trip.

The bumps along the way are not always what we plan but they add to the memories we are collecting.

Mama said there’d be days like this…

Mama said there’d be days like this, then again, Mama or in this case GiGi, thinks these little angels do no wrong!

I often gave my parents a tough time about being an only child. Now I can see why they decided to go this route. KIDS ARE EXHAUSTING! Holy Moly! These two are tag teaming me left and right lately! Thank God they are adorable. I knew that having two babies only 18 months apart would be a handful, rewarding, but a handful. I enjoy watching Molly (age 2) and Madeline (9 1/2 months) interact and play with each other, BUT I swear they are secretly communicating to take me out. I see them scheming in the corner when they are “playing” with their princess dolls. “LET’S DRIVE MOMMY NUTS IN 5,4,3,2,……” I try so hard to keep my cool. Actually, I often have to turn my head so they don’t see me laughing at them being naughty because it is hysterical. BUT I do see myself turning into Maleficent’s dragon form in Sleeping Beauty and I have to hold my breath to keep the fire from steaming out! I don’t want to be “that Mom” you know “old yeller”, but I don’t want to be the mom who’s like “look at my babies, they are so cute, they do no wrong, la la la la, ohhh look a unicorn”!

So for now, I pray that I can “just keep swimming” and remember “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”! Your living your dream, Mama! Enjoy it because before long these beauties are going to be running out the door, not needing you anymore, and then you are really going to have something to worry about!

**Disclaimers** I am blessed and I know that so please don’t take this as complaining! Also I know I have horrible grammar so please look past that… I went to Bangor after all! 12662416_10153888249024210_6494434128019616791_n